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    Certified Lover Boy 專輯封面

    歌名Fucking Fans 歌手名 Drake

    作詞 A. Graham/J. Brathwaite/N. Cadastre/N. Shebib/P. Ring
    作曲 A. Graham/J. Brathwaite/N. Cadastre/N. Shebib/P. Ring


    I'm still working on me And I'm coming back better for you (I'm comin' back, oh-ooh) Most times it was my selfishness and your helplessness that I took advantage of You sit in the house and I be out and I know you're worried, up (I know you're worried, you're worried, you're worried) And you try and block it out I'm so sorry for letting you down (Oh-oh, oh-ah) I should've came home, came home sooner You'd probably still be there if I Came home, love you like I treat ya You'd still be there My girl, my lil' baby speechless You'd still be there, baby I'm still working on me (Work it) And I'm coming back with a plan and there's money in my hand, baby (Work it) You said I was fucking up when I was out here fucking fans, damn, and it made you look crazy Made you seem, made you feel, it was crazy (Ooh-ah) While you sit in the house, I be out and you stay worried about me (Oh) Ayy, yeah Nights when I just needed to hold somebody Feeling overwhelmed, should've told somebody Picturin' it's me sending chills through your body I just probably should've chilled 'til I saw you How am I supposed to get to know somebody? Nigga left his 20s and I still wanna party I can not be trusted on my own with nobody I can not be If we broke it off then you know it wasn't painless If she got a watch then you know it's not a stainless I was out here fucking fans, I was shameless Yeah, and I know that You was at the crib reading stories that they sent you Most of that was bullshit but some of it I did do Hard for me to justify the women I was into Especially when the whole entire world wished they had you Then I locked the door that night in Vegas 'cause I had to Then I had a kid even though I never planned to I cannot imagine when your girls gave you that news I know that Probably made you want to hit the streets on everything Probably made you want to pour bleach on everything Probably made you want to kill me on everything Yeah, trust, I know that (Trust, I know) Dialing, I'ma say two, zero, one, four 'Cause you're on the same shit that you was on before I know you're not happy, girl, everybody know Could see it in your boyfriend eyes at the show Don't tell me let it go, I'm a letting go pro You don't wanna grow but we gotta outgrow Went six digits on the lock screen code You crack into that ho and it's gon' be a lot of smoke We both getting rich but the trust getting broke Tear me down with words but I know that's how you cope Cover up a lot, can't cover up your soul Know you're not happy, girl, everybody know (Trust, I know that, trust, I know)


    專輯名 Certified Lover Boy
    歌手名 Drake
    發行日 2021-09-03