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Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA)

Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA)

For All The Dogs




O. Ojelade/Mark Borino/A. Graham/Jonathan Demario Priester/J. Young/A Crawford/M. Jordan/R. Humphrey


O. Ojelade/Mark Borino/A. Graham/Jonathan Demario Priester/J. Young/A Crawford/M. Jordan/R. Humphrey

I know that I hurt you Yeah I was a child trying to be a man To all my sons worldwide I walked out on my only son All my juniors I left you in your mother's hands I apologize for my absence, I know I left you without an annual drop And now I'm standing right here I don't know how I expected you to get your clout up and get your money up, but With tears, with tears streaming from my eyes Don't worry See your mother raised a fine young man Daddy's home And I know I missed so much of your life Turn me up (Mario) Yeah Niggas know they need to stop I'm standing at the top, that's how I know you never seen the top Sierra Canyon parking lot lookin' like Magic City parking lot Hear the talks when I walk by like you know it's over when we drop Ayy, drop Yeah, and I'm coming with the wop Y'all niggas not poppin' Fuck her, then she goin' shoppin' Woah, I'm runnin' out of opps They're runnin' out of options Put 'em up for adoption Sign my name on the dot Ayy, this is not luck, baby, this no four-leaf, no horseshoe I'm in the bank thinkin', "Poor you" I'm in New York goin' Jon Chetrit Supermodels and they all sexy Lock the door to the bathroom 'cause they doin' something that is not Pepsi I'm just pourin' up the shots I remember that I told you I miss you, that was kinda like a mass text I remember that I told I loved you, that was really in the past tense I remember that I told you I get you, truth is that I get around Mentioned havin' us a kid, '42 hit, I tend to kid around Yeah, on Benedict with the top down Shorties out here gettin' knocked down City coming off a lockdown Rap niggas doing weak features for a pop artist 'cause they popped down Used to wanna throw the Roc up, niggas know how I rock now You know how I'm rocking now YM forever Big owl, big birds forever Don't make me go get your mama to talk to you 'Cause if he gotta get your motherfuckin' mama to talk to you, you know what I'm sayin', I'ma bring that motherfuckin' big switch out At this point, I'ma start collectin' child support the opposite way You gotta pay me to be my motherfuckin' son, ha-ha-ha-ha Look at me Take a real good look at me Don't turn away Don't you turn away like I did my son Look me in the eyes, junior I'm making no more promises For real I'm trying to find the word to say Daddy's home Daddy's home (Don't you know) Daddy's home (Said, your daddy's back home) Yeah Daddy's home (For every birthday that I missed) Wanna be my dad again We've got to start all over, be friends (Start right here, right now)If you wanna be my dad again (Said, my only son) We've got to start all over, be friends (Can you look at me?) Yeah, baby Yeah, baby, that's it Showtime Something's happened to me, bro Ha-ha-ha
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