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    22 Break 專輯封面

    歌名Free 歌手名 Oh Wonder

    作詞 Josephine Vander West/Anthony Vander West
    作曲 Josephine Vander West/Anthony Vander West


    New year of '13 Sat on the roof of your one bed apartment Stared at the city Oh London you're pretty The way that you held me Tight like I'd leave in a slip of the wind It felt like the future Thought I'd never lose ya I was free Forward to '20 Both of us screaming alive at each other Get out of my house I'm done with you now Said I never loved you But I always loved you And I'll always love you I'm free I'm nervous to say it Not one to sleep with a stack of regret But I'm sorry we got here I wish I'd done more to save us Shoulda killed you with kindness Swallowed your tears when your eyes opened wide I'm drawing in darkness I wish I could stop this And be free


    專輯名 22 Break
    歌手名 Oh Wonder
    發行日 2021-10-08