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    Year of Fate 專輯封面

    歌名Hurry up, Eric You Fool! 歌手名 傻子與白痴


    Some people say We didn’t have very much back in those days Means that plenty, plenty of unsafety And all which leads to anxiety Are all fake when we’re talking about feelings More of a practical joke than a game Unable to play well Don’t know the criteria They seem to judge it so hard Go round and round To be assured, care about, be assured, care about Be assured of whether we are too greedy or not If the commands are not conflicted Once I submit, I must commit The truth is I have been fed up with this This kind of kidnapping called peace I must do what I can Chop chop, chop chop Scene as usual Same old, same old Run the show Welcome, my pals Here comes my soul What a fool Hurry up, even though I’m not ready Not enough time to do the filing Intentions, too many for me to see But what I’m saying is true But what I’m feeling is true


    專輯名 Year of Fate
    歌手名 傻子與白痴
    發行日 2021-10-28