Outta Town Freestyle

Outta Town Freestyle

Megan Thee Stallion



Girls in the Hood

Girls in the Hood

Girls in the Hood



(And if the beat live, you know Lil Ju made it) Ayy, I got a nasty lil' fetish, I'm a nasty lil' bitch I love to shit on these niggas, I love to piss off a bitch I don't announce my moves, I like to keep shit private Just know a bitch been workin' when I been too silent All you hoes can suck my pussy, disrespectfully How a ho gon' punk me out my spot that can't get next to me Your vocab don't go past "Period," ho, don't question me Any nigga publicly hatin' is makin' less than me, I bet you They should call me Dr. Miami because I body them Hoes gotta dick ride niggas to get co-signs from them Bitches buy one lil' purse and think we proud of them The bar gon' stay in hell 'cause them Twitter comments gon' lie to them I am not the new her, I am way cooler Megan is a force so you know I need two pair Told you I'm Regina, but these bitches ain't gon' Cady me If she movin' funny, then I get the ho away from me Head game crazy, yeah, I don't want no babies yet So every time he bust, I tell him, "Aim in my esophagus" All these niggas on my body like a Fashion Nova set Only time they trendin' when they diss me, but I'm on to that Hoes don't get responses, yellow tape, I'm movin' cautious All these niggas actin' pussy, probably learned it from they fathers Fuck your mama too if she birthed a pick-me-ass daughter I'll go to war, finish it with any bitch who started, yeah Real hot girl shit, ah Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, mwah
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