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    碎花星辰 落差草原 WWWW

    2017-12-18 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    敲擊、迴旋 人聲如變形的光芒般穿梭,鼓擊像影子隨著旅人的步伐留下腳印,詩歌引領心的方向,和星光一起在夢的湖水裡換氣、呼吸。 2017年,落差草原 WWWW 發行《碎花星辰》數位單曲,共收錄了〈碎花星辰〉以及〈鰓人〉等兩首詩歌般的長篇作品,其中〈鰓人〉的詩詞是來自於詩人宛璇母女所寫的〈海洋〉、〈山破一空〉兩首詩,由此延伸創作的作品;以聲響為基底鋪陳、勾勒出環境與迷幻音景的視線,以節奏、敲擊和旋律敘述時間與空間的交錯、融合,跟隨著聆聽的方向,彷彿在行過一段由森林通往海洋的幽徑之後,是一片遼闊的寧靜與沈思。 2017 《Floral Cluster》 Bashing, whirling Voices traveling like morphing rays, the drummings are the shadow that left footsteps in the trails of the wanderer. Poems led the direction of the heart and respired, with starlight, in the lake of dreams. In December 2017, PrairieWWWW releases digital single, Floral Cluster, which includes long-form poetic pieces <Floral Cluster> and <Black Mermaid>. The lyrics of 〈Black Mermaid〉is based on the poems <La Mer> and <En sortant de la rivière>, written by duo poets, Wan-Hsuan and her 6-year-old daughter. Layered with thumping at the base, the tracks delineate the vision of the natural environment and psychedelic soundscape. The rhythm, bashing, and melody narrate the crossing and merging of time and space. PrairieWWWW brings the audience through a passage in the woods that leads to the ocean. And at the end of the audio journey, is the ampleness of serenity and contemplation. 看更多


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    落差草原 WWWW
    落差草原 WWWW