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    Demo 乙

    Demo 乙 風籟坊

    2021-03-04 華語/搖滾/獨立/實驗
    風籟坊第二張EP「Demo乙」,是一張以河洛/台語為敘事主軸的搖滾專輯,於2009年12月13日發行,實體發行一千張(已絕版)。<br /><br />「竹風蘭雨」一把吉他孓然開場,隨即第二曲,清洌響亮的吉他破音「過重門」,開啟了時光倒流的序幕;爾後「民國七十一」描繪了建設發展時期欣欣向榮的景況;燥熱而獨行的「夏至」,則諭示著萬物各有造化;最後一首「長途電話」,當我們仍努力適應著工商時代,憂愁終究將淹沒在你我的啤酒與笑話裡。<br /><br />Windmill’s second EP, “Demo Yi” (“Demo 2”), was recorded by Noiz Studio Yi-Jun Wu and released December 13th, 2009 in a limited edition 1000-copy CD.<br /><br />The first track, “Hsin-Chu Winds; I-Lan Rains” is a folk-inspired acoustic tune with Avant trappings that are atmospheric and evocative. The second track, “Passing Through Doors,” is a Taiwanese/Hoklo Neil Young/Crazy Horse-esque exploration of family roots, complete with feedback drenched guitars and swirling feeling of emotional tension and release. “Minquo 71” is a furtive glance back to the past, the year “1982,” an optimistic time of economic progression and hope for the future. <br /><br />“Summer Solstice” starts with a punk slapback guitar echo, is carried away with riveting drums, and races through three minutes of high speed anarchy. The final track, the Taiwanese/Hokkla “Long-Distance Call,” exhibits the story of a young man adapting himself to living life away from home working in an iron factory, battling feelings of doubt, fear, melancholy, and ultimately, hopefulness for the future. 看更多


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