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    Disc-Overy 專輯封面

    歌名Miami 2 Ibiza 歌手名 Tinie Tempah


    專輯:絕世勁碟 (Disc - Overy) 歌曲:Miami 2 Ibiza She says she likes my watch but she wants Steve's AP And she stay up all hours watching QVC She said she loves my songs she bought my mp3 And so I put her number in my Bold BB I got a black BM She got a white TT She wanna see what's hiding in my CK briefs I tell her wear suspenders and some PVC And then I'll film it all up on my JVC Scene one Everybody get in your positions Pay attention and listen We're tryna get this all on one tape so lets try make that happen Take one action She pose for FHM She like my Black LV We spinnin' LPR up on my APC I'm in my PRPS and my Nike SB's Ravin' with SHM London to NYC I got my Visa and My Visa A diva and her dealer B***h I'm up on the guest list with the Swedish House Mafia You can find me on a table full of vodka and tequila Surrounded by some bunnies and it aint fuckin' easter I wake up in the morning with a mild case of amnesia With a girl that like a girl like Lindsey Lohan Queen Latifah If you n****s are boilin' then boy I must be fever And that's standard procedure from Miami to Ibiza


    專輯名 Disc-Overy
    歌手名 Tinie Tempah
    發行日 2000-01-01