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    Dream 夢 專輯封面

    歌名Tea For Two 歌手名 小野麗莎


    I'm discontented with homes that are rented So I have invented my own. Darling this place is a lover's oasis Where life's weary chase is unknown. Far from the cry of the city, Where flowers pretty caress the streams, Cozy to hide in, to live side-by-side in. Don't let it abide in my dreams. Eu, você, um pôr do sol A praia, o mar, promessas no ar E tudo que eu quis sem medo de ser feliz Nobody near us, to see us or hear us, No friends or relations on weekend vacations, We won't have it known, dear, that we have a telephone, dear. Eu, você, até de manhã Lembrando as bobagens de amor que eu falei Você meu galã, e eu sua Dorys Day Você pra mim, e eu pra ti A vida inteira pra nós dois Tea for two e um final feliz Day will break and you'll awake and start to bake A sugar cake for me to take for all the boys to see. We will raise a family, a boy for you, a girl for me, Can't you see how happy we would be?


    專輯名 Dream 夢
    歌手名 小野麗莎
    發行日 1999-06-23