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    Flesh And Bone (Intl. World Territory) 血肉之軀 專輯封面

    歌名Cant Lie To My Heart 歌手名 Richard Marx

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    I whispered you Words I thought I'd never say We played the game But then we tossed the rules away Could deny it Justify it But we both know we went too far Oh, I can feel you And I need you No matter wherever you are I don't want to watch my love come crashing down But I can't lie to my heart I don't really want your memory hangin' 'round But baby I just can't lie to my heart I have loved you Longer than you've even known When you hurt I hurt I'm your flesh and you're my bone If I could only Be two people Darlin' I swear we'd both be with you Oh, I know I'm selfish But I'm helpless I want you and nothing else will do I won't pretend anymore Been hiding too long I won't go on like before I'm not that strong I can feel it when I'm near you It's not healthy to need you this way Try to fight it, get inside it But this pain is stronger than me and it won't go away