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    Repeat Offender 專輯封面

    歌名Children Of The Night 歌手名 Richard Marx

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    All that I know in my life, I have learned on the street No magic carpet, no genie, no shoes on my feet Will I wake up from this nightmare? A fear that chills me to the bone Though I may be one of many I feel so all alone Chorus: We are the children of the night We won't go down without a fight Our voice is strong, our future's bright And thanks to what we learned from you We've grown into the children of the night Left by my father with only this scar on my face Told by my mother that, "No, you were just a mistake." I have tasted my own hunger Sold my body to survive Some have paid to scratch the surface But they can't touch what's inside Repeat chorus How I long for something better Than this life I know too well Lord, I know I'm bound for heaven Cause I've done my time in hell


    專輯名 Repeat Offender
    歌手名 Richard Marx
    發行日 1989-01-01