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    Repeat Offender 專輯封面

    歌名Heart On The Line 歌手名 Richard Marx

    作詞 Array
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    One look in your innocent eyes And I know you had to be the one You walked out of all my dreams Never thought the day would really come I've been standing in a long desperate line Waiting for somebody like you I may only be wasting my time Don't know what else to do Chorus: If you turn me away Just be careful what you say Girl, you've got my heart on the line Don't me mean, don't be cruel Don't you treat me like a fool Girl, you've got my heart on the line It's too late to be wishing I was In somebody else's shoes this time I'm tied up, like a slave to a chain Praying that you'll please be kind It it's true that love's a disease Baby, I'm a dangerous case I beg for mercy, got me down on my knees You've got a smile on your face Repeat chorus: I don't want to stay In my own little world So if you want to play Won't you show me a little girl


    專輯名 Repeat Offender
    歌手名 Richard Marx
    發行日 1989-01-01