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    Repeat Offender 專輯封面

    歌名Wait For The Sunrise 歌手名 Richard Marx

    作詞 Array
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    I was born an only son Didn't take to the rules, like a normal child Prisoner of the things I've done It's the price you pay livin' fast and wild Chorus: I've spent too many nights lookin' over my shoulder And the ways of the world make a heart grow colder Got nowhere left to hide The fight in me has died So I must wait for the sunrise Friend to fear and loaded gun Live life like the owner of a heart of stone No one touches, touch no one But the road gets wary when you're all alone Repeat chorus Too much done to undo No one I can run to I need one more chance to live my life again


    專輯名 Repeat Offender
    歌手名 Richard Marx
    發行日 1989-01-01