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    歌名Touch Of Heaven 歌手名 Richard Marx



    Your eyes burn through me, Oh, like a raging fire. I fall blissfully, Every time you say just one little word. You know it makes me crazy. You ask way too much, Oh, when you say that I can look but do not touch. I have never wanted any other girl, The way I want you, baby. I surrender to what I can't control. Drunk with desire, I've opened up my soul You know I would go around the world, I'd take you anywhere, Oh, baby anywhere, For a touch of heaven. Tell me what you want, I'll give you anything, Oh, baby everything, For a touch of heaven I have dreamed of this, Your body next to mine. Drowning in every kiss. How I've longed to find my one and only girl. And I found her in you, baby. All I ever wanted is everything that you are. Don't leave me longing, Be tender with my heart. Everyone says you've been leading me on. Too late for warnings, I 'm already gone. Ooh, I surrender to what I can't control. Drunk with desire, I'm giving you my soul.