Effects of the high

Effects of the high




I wake up in the middle of the night , body bathed in a cold sweat , reminiscent of the feverish dreams that always haunt me day and night.Running . I'm always running , cuz someone's coming. I can feel the breath on the back of my neck, arms and legs feel like lead. Wish I was dead, body's numb, like the pounding of a drum in my throat. What the I fuck, now I'm butt-ass naked, this better not be some fuck joke. Voyeurs, a thousand eyes condemning looks, damning visages so menacing I can't even cry. Duck and hide, the fear inside is building up. This time I know it's it. This time I'll gonna die . what the fuck ? the ground below me's falling through. Tell me true. Does this shit ever happen to you? A silent scream coming from the high , rips through mr throat. I jerk awake knowing that the terrors gone. * {I feel a guilty pleasure from my high. I know it's karma back to haunt my life.}X2 {can you feel the effects of the high?}X4 people say the stage is like a high , with adrenaline pumping, there's no way to die. Invincible, that's the way it feels , but here's the deal. It's a far cry from the high , if ya shit ain't real. Deja vu mother fucker, my nightmare from hell. I can feel it creeping back to attack like the medusa tale. Petrified frozen, I might as well be made of stone. Can't go out like this. can't go out there alone. Damn, choking on my bile, heart pounding in my throat. Stage fright's got me, I'm gonna croak. The thousand eyes back this time they're judging my soul. All the times that I lied to myself, have taken it's toll. Fallen from grace, ignorance is no plea. It's a drug, it's the grave I dug, here's the decree, verdict, wanting, condemned for life. Everybody knows that you can die from a high. * (I feel a guilty pleasure from my high, I know it's karma back to haunt my life.)x2.



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