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    歌名(A) LITTLE BIT MORE 歌手名 張國榮

    作詞 B.Gosh
    作曲 B.Gosh


    When you body's had enough of me and I'm laying flat out on the floor When you think I've loved you all I can I'm golla love you a little bit more Come on over and lay by my side I've got to be touching you Let me rub your tired shoulders The way I used to do Look in to my eyes, and gives me that smile The ont that always turns me on And let me take your hair down 'cuase we're standing up to great the sun Got to say a few things, that have been in my mind And you know where my mind has been I guess I learned my lessons And now's the time to begin So if you're feeling alright and you're ready for me I know that I'm ready for you We'd better get it on now 'cause we got to a whole life to live through


    歌手名 張國榮
    發行日 1978-01-01