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    Suit 專輯封面

    歌名Paradise 歌手名 Nelly

    作詞 Array
    作曲 Nelly、Dorian Moore、Ahmed Oliver


    Key-weezy (that's my derrty) Stagadeezy It's black letter cause I am a pimp (spell it out for them with the P) I'ma.. Positive Intellectual (Give them the M P) Motivated Person (****..****) (Sound good to me lil derrty.. Can you hear me... I heard you) She said her name was (paradise) That's what she said to me She said (paradise) That's what she said it would be 'cause she the finest women that ive ever did see And not to mention how she looked in them jeans She said her name was (paradise) That's what she said to me She said (paradise) That's what she said it would be 'cause she was the definition of a ghetto queen And you should see that apple bottom in jeans I met her on a sunday She walkin down the runway 5 5 So fine what the **** im gon say And i just sit imtiently just waiting my turn Waiting for my perfect chance so i can spit out my words I think she openly spokenly damn i hope she notices me Hopefully she go for me So she on the boat with me And ima take her places she can never imagine Like water ski'in in costa rica With snow mobiling in aspen She prefare the cold Winter snow And do **** like the tropical Am i dreamin let me know Tell me is it possible That i could be the one she in search for a man And she could be that one that end my search for romance No time to slack now act now ima bout to crack now i put my rap down mack down Aint no turning back now I got the this feeling that she feelin the same About to end this feeling games and just ask her her name So the next day monday Im riding down the freeway Hit her on the 2 way Im like what you doing tuesday She said that she was free anytime after 3 And every second after that will be reserved for me I said that's good to know say no mo' Ill be there around 4 Around 4 that fo' do Phantom at your front door You can take it for a ride Keep it in papas sake Debate it at fate and the Reservations at 8 And after dinner shampagne walks along the beaches With the moonlight shines on ya And i can't create the words to explain myself My temtation to feel ya body Temtation to kiss them curves One kiss two kiss she all on my neck now Three kiss four kiss im all on her neck now that Temperatures rising Hips and thighs coming Hynotizing man i don't wanna stop It feels like They don't understand me because i really don't understand myself I can't live with out (my girl) Paradise is mine mayne Anywhere and time mayne She gon hold it down 'cause she (my girl) She love me she love me not She love me to be on top She love daddy to spank her 'cause she (my girl) And if you got ne doubts just ask when you see me out Ill tell you who im talken bout My Girl


    專輯名 Suit
    歌手名 Nelly
    發行日 2004-01-01