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    Nellyville 專輯封面

    歌名Nellyville 歌手名 Nelly


    [Nelly] Welcome to Nellyville, where all newborns get a half-a-mill' Sons, get the tan DeVille, soon as they can reach the wheel And daughters, get diamonds the size of their age - help me out now One year get one carat, two years get two carats Three years get three carats, and so on into marriage Nobody livin average, everybody jang-a-lang Nobody livin savage, e'rybody got change Even the paperboy deliver out the back of a Range It's not a game, it's a beautiful thang Imagine blocks and blocks of no cocaine, blocks with no gunplay Ain't nobody shot, so ain't no news that day Ain't nobody snitchin, they refuse to say Every month - we take a vote on what the weather should be And if we vote it rains - know how wet we want it to be And if we vote it snow - know how deep we want it to get But the sun gon' shine 99 percent, in Nellyville [Chorus] There's no.. way.. I.. I could explaiiiiin.. the way I feel right now There's no.. way.. I.. I could explaiiiiin.. the way I feel about livin in Nellyville [Nelly] I got that good at e'ry gas station, pull on up Give me a half a ounce of that shit, fill it up We got straws for the bottles, outlaw the cups And we gon' make it happen, ain't no need for no luck Ain't no lotteries, no pick 3's or pick 2's Keep the money in your family, gamble amongst your crew Cause the dice gon' do what the dice gon' do And if you take a life, you gon' lose yours too Ain't no trials, it's automatic, you drop 'em right where it happen You do unto others if you don't want it don't do the cappin Think that's cool? 40 acres and a mule Fuck that! Nellyville - 40 acres and a pool Six bedrooms, full bath with a jacuzz' Six-car garage, pavement smooth Both front and back deck 'nough room to land a jet And you ain't reached the city, that's just the projects [Chorus] [Nelly] Everybody, uh, now everybody say [Interlude] Well I want to go, please let me go I need to go - down to Nellyville I need to see, what I can say Won't you and me - go to Nellyville I want to go, so bad I just want to go and look Won't you please take me on in I just know I gotta be there [Nelly] No unexpectancy, like teenage pregnancy And physical mental attraction your only ecstasy Your own destiny, create your own recipe If you ain't livin accordin to dirty then you stressin me 'And who are you?' Who me? I'm the mayor And any problems you got, I live up thurr 'Where's that?' The house on the hill, welcome mat of fur When you pass by that thang, be polite and don't sturr [Chorus] .. [Outro] Yeah There's no.. way.. yeah There's no.. way.. yeah There's no.. way.. yeah There's no.. way..


    專輯名 Nellyville
    歌手名 Nelly
    發行日 2002-06-25