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    歌名Lights 歌手名 Interpol


    All that I see show me your ways teach me to meet my desires...with some grace All that I fear don′t turn away and leave me to plead in this hole of a place what if I never break estuary won′t you take me far away far away All that I seek please police me I want you to police me but keep it clean now that you meet my day now let′s take them away (that′s why I hold you) Strong as you′ve seen Old as you behave (that′s why I hold you) you will always obey (that′s why I hold you) All that I feel capital ways teach me to grieve and conspire with my age All that I can see a gold mystic spree a seeithing routine I could never navigate maybe I like to stray no harm it seems to be less so free...not today it′s like you want it that way All that I see peaceful eyes drawn away from me drawn away from me we would like to take the sights (that′s why I hold you) and bring silence in disguise (that′s why I hold you... dear) we would like to meet the buyer that is on your life that′s why I hold you that′s why I hold you dear that′s why I hold you....