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    We Are Born 為愛而生 專輯封面

    歌名The Fight 歌手名 Sia


    專輯:We Are Born 歌曲:The Fight 作詞:Sia Furler、Dan Carey 作曲:Sia Furler、Dan Carey We are born without a care as we grow old but unaware as we grow tall begin to falter we want to know ourselves spread love to all but we fall down cause we are human yes sweet anger will feed the hunger yes we push through just me and you we made it through the darkness to the light uh huh we fought but still we won the fight oh yes, we stand to gain love a fantasy for you and me a beauty light and reality no need to feel the proof that something for all of it is love and harmony but we falter and yes we are flawed as we play victim to such conviction and breathe heavily both you and me for the day by day worried we would fail how we flailed and we wailed and we screamed in pain took it step by step we could not forget the wounds we felt and how we screamed for help from the dark, dark nights when you held me tight and we prayed for light to rescue us yeah, we were distressed now we're nothing less we are strong we are blessed we are united


    專輯名 We Are Born 為愛而生
    歌手名 Sia
    發行日 2010-06-21