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    Dreamgirls Music from the Motion Picture - Deluxe Edition 專輯封面

    歌名Goin' Downtown 歌手名 Dreamgirls



    LITTLE ALBERT AND THE TRU-TONES: Me and my baby going downtown Me and my baby getting down tonight Me and my baby going downtown Me and my baby gonna check check check out the sights We're looking around (You're telling us, sweet lady) We're looking around (Gonna have us a time tonight) Check check checking it out Check check checking it out JAMES "THUNDER" EARLY: Marty? Marty! I said no mayonnaise! How many times have I told you no mayonnaise on the chicken sandwich? MARTY: ...Thousands, Jimmy. Now eat it. JAMES "THUNDER" EARLY: I'm forced to baby, 'cause I'm starving. MARTY: You've got a bigger problem. Charlene and Joanne just walked. JAMES "THUNDER" EARLY: Just walked? Just walked! They can't do that to Jimmy! I need backup! MARTY: Yeah, you do. And not only for tonight...what about the ten week tour starting tomorrow? JAMES "THUNDER" EARLY: Marty, you got ten minutes to deliver, or else. MARTY:'ve already gone through every girl on the circuit. I warned you to lay off the women you work with! You got plenty of other women out there. JAMES "THUNDER" EARLY: There sure are, but who's got time to go out lookin'! I'm always workin'! MARTY: Yeah...'cause Marty always keeps you working. LITTLE ALBERT AND THE TRU-TONES: Check, check, checking it out! Checking it over Checking it out Checking it over Checking it out I'm....Checking it over Checking it out.......(continuing in background) DEENA JONES: Oh! They have the same wigs we have! LORRELL ROBINSON: We're ruined unless we can find new wigs. EFFIE WHITE: Why do we need wigs in the first place? DEENA JONES: Because, we need a look...I got it! ...Turn the wigs around. LORRELL ROBINSON: ...What? DEENA JONES: Turn the wigs around! LORRELL ROBINSON: Oh Deena, it's so...different. DEENA JONES: It's sophisticated-looking. EFFIE WHITE: Front-ways or back-ways, wigs ain't natural. And what about these dresses? I mean, this dress does NOTHING for my body. DEENA JONES: Effie, my mama spent three weeks sewing up these dresses. Shoot, they helped us win that contest in Chicago. EFFIE WHITE: Big deal, so we won three albums we already had. C.C. WHITE: I'm going downstairs now, and hand this music out to the guys in the pit. DEENA JONES: Hey, C.C., do you really think we're gonna win? C.C. WHITE: ...We're gonna win. (EFFIE, DEENA, and LORRELL shout about how they're going to win) LITTLE ALBERT AND THE TRU-TONES: We're going downtown! To check check check out the sights! ANNOUNCER: Let's hear it for Little Albert and the Tru-Tones! Weren't they fabulous? Now, put your hands together for Tiny Joe Dixon! DEENA: Oh, we're next!