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    Dreamgirls Music from the Motion Picture - Deluxe Edition 專輯封面

    歌名Takin' The Long Way Home 歌手名 Dreamgirls



    TINY JOE DIXON: Baby, I'm taking the long way home Cause my baby don't live there no more MARTY: Excuse me ladies, you're singers, aren't you? DEENA JONES: We're the best. We're the Dreamettes. LORRELL ROBINSON: We're featured in the talent show. MARTY: Ladies, I've got the break of your lives. The great Jimmy Early is in need of some backup help… LORRELL ROBINSON: Ooooh, Jimmy Early! EFFIE WHITE: No. No, we don't do backup. DEENA JONES: Oh, come on Effie, all we've gotta do is a few ooh's and aah's. EFFIE WHITE: I don't do ooh's and aah's. LORRELL ROBINSON: Now, you look, Effie, this could be our big break… and I'm just dyin' to meet “Thunder” Early! (giggles) EFFIE WHITE: You look, singing backup is a trap. I'm sorry mister, but we cannot accept your offer. You see, we're going to be very busy after we win this talent contest. MARTY: You think so, do you? TINY JOE DIXON: No more…. ANNOUNCER: Come on ladies, you're on next. What's the name of your group? DEENA JONES: The Dreamettes! The Dreamettes. EFFIE WHITE: …I can't wear this wig. And this dress doesn't fit me! LORRELL ROBINSON: You got the same wig I got? EFFIE WHITE: …Yeah. LORRELL ROBINSON: You got the same dress I got? EFFIE WHITE: Yeah… LORRELL ROBINSON: Then shut up. CURTIS TAYLOR, JR.: Say, Miss…I think you look just great. TINY JOE DIXON: I'm walking slow… ‘Cause my baby don't live there no more! ANNOUNCER: And now, straight from Chicago, the Creamettes! DEENA JONES: It's the Dreamettes! The Dreamettes!