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    London Calling / Combat Rock 專輯封面

    歌名Jimmy Jazz 歌手名 The Clash

    作詞 Joe Strummer、Mick Jones
    作曲 Array


    Police walked in for Jimmy Jazz I said he aint here But he sure went past Oh youre looking for Jimmy Jazz Yeah they say Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread Cut off his ears And Chop off his head Police come look for Jimmy Jazz So if youre gonna take a message across the town Maybe put it down somewhere over the other side See it gets to Jimmy Jazz Police came in they said "Now wheres Jimmy Jazz?" I said he was here but...he sure went past Police they be lookin for Jimmy Jazz Sattamassagana for Jimmy Dread Cut off his ears And they'll chop off his head Oh youre lookin for Jimmy Jazz...jazz...jazz...jazz.. What a relief I feel like a soldier Look like a theif Police come lookin' for Jimmy Jazz... Infact..! Dont you bother me, not any more I cant take this tale, o no more Its all around Jimmy Jazz J-a-zee-zee...j-a-zed-zed.... ..zee-zee-zee... J-a-zed-zed, j-a-zed-zed ..j-a-zed... Jimmy jazz And then it sucks He said "Suck that!" So go look All around You can try your luck brother And see what you found, But I guarantee you That it aint your day.... your day aint your day ....chop-chop!