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    Hits Back 專輯封面

    歌名Safe European Home (Remastered) 歌手名 The Clash

    作詞 Joe Strummer/Michael Jones
    作曲 Joe Strummer/Michael Jones


    well, i just got back an' i wish i never leave now who dat martian arrival at the airport? how many local dollars for a local anaesthetic? the johnny on the corner was a very sympathetic i went to the place where every white face is an invitation to robbery an' sitting here in my safe european home i don't wanna go back there again wasn't i lucky n' wouldn't it be loverly? send us all cards, an' have a laying in on a sunday i was there for two weeks, so how come i never tell that natty dread drinks at the sheraton hotel? now they got the sun, an' they got the palm trees they got the weed, an' they got the taxis whoa, the harder they come, n' the home of ol' bluebeat yes i'd stay an' be a tourist but i can't take the gunplay


    專輯名 Hits Back
    歌手名 The Clash
    發行日 2013-09-09