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    London Calling / Combat Rock 專輯封面

    歌名Death Is A Star 歌手名 The Clash

    作詞 The Clash
    作曲 Array


    And i was gripped by that deadly phantom I followed him through hard jungles As he stalked through the back lots Strangling through the night shades The thief of life Moved onwards and outwards to love In a one stop only motel A storm bangs on the cheapest room The phantom slips in to spill blood Even on the sweetest honeymoon The killer of love Caught the last late niagara bus By chance or escaping from misery Bu suddeness or in answer to pain Smoking in the dark cinema You could see the bad go down again And the clouds are high in spanish mountains And a ford roars through the night full of rain. The killer's blood flows But he loads his gun again Make a grown man cry like a girl To see the guns dying at sunset In vain lovers claimed But they never had met