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    London Calling 專輯封面

    歌名The Right Profile 歌手名 The Clash



    Say, where did i see this guy? In red river? Or a place in the sun? Maybe the misfits? Or from here to eternity? Everybody say, "is he all right?" And everybody say, "what's he like?" Everybody say, "he sure look funny." That's...montgomery clift, honey! New york, new york, new york, 42nd street Hustlers rustle and pimps pimp the beat Monty clift is recognized at dawn He ain't got no shoes and his clothes are torn I see a car smashed at night Cut the applause and dim the light Monty's face is broken on a wheel Is he alive? can he still feel? Nembutol numbs it all But i prefer alcohol He said go out and get me my old movie stills Go out and get me another roll of pills There i go again shaking, but i ain't got the chills Arrrghhhgorra buh bhuh do arrrrgggghhhhnnnn!!!!


    專輯名 London Calling
    歌手名 The Clash
    發行日 2007-10-10