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    London Calling 專輯封面

    歌名Hateful 歌手名 The Clash



    Well, i got a friend who's a man What man? The man who keeps me from the lovely He gives me what i need What you need? what you got? I need it all so badly Chorus Oh, anything i want he gives it to me Anything i want he gives it, but not for free It's hateful And it's paid for and i'm so grateful to be nowhere This year i've lost some friends Some friends? what friends? I dunno, i ain't even noticed You see, i gotta go out again Again? my friend I gotta see that mainman I killed all my nerves My nerves? what swerves? And i can't drive so steady I've lost my memory My mind? behind! I can't see so clearly Chorus


    專輯名 London Calling
    歌手名 The Clash
    發行日 2007-10-10