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    My Space 專輯封面

    歌名Is it over now? ("手"DEMO/原唱:莫文蔚) 歌手名 蔡健雅



    Is it over now? ('手'DEMO/原唱:莫文蔚) is it over now do we really have to say goodbye does it mean that we can't talk anymore cos I still love you so cos I didn't mean to break your heart if only you knew why I had to let you go is it over now feels like it's the end of the world I don't really wanna try to get over you cos still see your face feel your breath everywhere I go don't think I'll ever find someone just like you I thought we could last be together forever but we didn't last we sure did put up a fight now it hurts so bad with you out of my life is it really over now Guess it's over now cos I'm sitting here all alone someone is knocking but it won't be you at my door letting go is never easy I've been learning it the hard way I've been counting every minute and second since the day you left


    專輯名 My Space
    歌手名 蔡健雅
    發行日 2008-07-29