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    Just No Other Way 專輯封面

    歌名Just No Other Way (To Love Me) 歌手名 李玟



    Here we are Alone again In your arms again And it keeps on getting better well I don't need To read your mine 'Cause when I look in your eyes I can almost see forever But before you go too far Before I fall too fast Baby you should know I need love that's gonna last You gotta promise to be here Through the laughter and the tears Let me know that you're mine Every day, every night... 'Cause there's just no other way to love me Take my heart, take my soul Baby never let me go No,there's the way, it should be If you're gonna fall in love with me 'Cause there's just no other way to love me Let me show you How much I care And baby I swear I'll be right there when you need me But I gonna know That you'll always be true That you're gonna see the through And give your heart completley I wanna feel it when we kiss Believe it when we touch Don't just say you love me 'Cause words are not enough I wanna see it in your eyes Believe it deep inside I gotta know you'll be here Every day, every night('cause) I will never ask for more then I'll give to you(gonna give my everything) But I gonna know that my heart is true Every day(every day)Every night(every night) For the rest of your life...'cause


    專輯名 Just No Other Way
    歌手名 李玟
    發行日 1999-11-10