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    Just No Other Way 專輯封面

    歌名All Tied Up In You 歌手名 李玟



    Even when your lips begin to speak I feel a fever coming over me But needing you like this scaring me But I've lost myself you see In the magic of the moment The moment of your touch, yeah I know you're working me, baby But I'm needing you much Cuz I can't think and I can't eat It's three in the mornig and I can't even sleep Cuz I'm all tied up in you And I don't know what to do Sometimes I can't breathe Sometimes I can't speak It's a crying shame what you've done to me Cuz I'm all tied up in you yes I'm all tied up in you I small your sweater when you're not at home I love the scent of you new cologne You know it drives me crazy when you're not near me baby I call your number just to hear your voice I wish I didn't have to, but I've got no choice Like a rope around my heart I just wanna you are There ain't nothing you can do about it There ain't nothing I can say I'm as quilty as sin, when it comes to needing you, baby I'm all wrapped up in you as tight as a knot I'm realdy to give you everything that I've got Cuz I love you.....


    專輯名 Just No Other Way
    歌手名 李玟
    發行日 1999-11-10