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    Just No Other Way 專輯封面

    歌名Can We Talk About It 歌手名 李玟



    Boy I know that something ain't right Between me and you It's plan to see I haven't spent enough time just with you Boy I feel so bad I wanna make it up to you can I do that baby? Let's go somewhere quiet A candle like dinner for two Can we talk about it Boy I know we can Work it all out Just give us chance Can you think about I wanna spend the time Make it all right Can we keep this love Now baby slide And let me tell you how I feel Never gonna let you down no more You're the only one that I adore So baby let's chi; See I got the feeling That everything gonna be alrite Take my hand I'll lead the way Come on baby I don't mind if we talk about it The only thing gonna make it right Seems like the thing to do If you wanna keep everything real tight


    專輯名 Just No Other Way
    歌手名 李玟
    發行日 1999-11-10