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    Swing Lo Magellan 專輯封面

    歌名Swing Lo Magellan 歌手名 Dirty Projectors


    Last night all my attention squinting westward at the sunset with a map and a compass when a man reached up said something there against the sky, a ball of light too invisible to give itself to the naked eye On the shore people yelling in their eyes a great reflection in the grid aware their position unconcerned with intuition There can never be no sympathy from that wilderness so let it be arrested Swing Lo oh Magellan nine by six or eight by seven poster sent in all at the border of what you attempt while you ignore I saw my frame in a ball of light all drowned in doubt and shame I knew that I had lost my sight


    專輯名 Swing Lo Magellan
    發行日 2012-08-10