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    I Will Always Love You: The Best Of Whitney Houston 專輯封面

    歌名I Belong To You 歌手名 Whitney Houston


    In a world where dreams are few You've got me baby, I've got you You're the one that makes me feel brand new Sometimes love can wear you out Chill your soul baby, make you doubt That's you'll never find the one that's true All my life I've longed for this Someone who makes me happy Let's seal this moment with a kiss I wanna know And nothin's gonna stop me cuz' [Chorus] I've been to the bottom But I'm back on top And I'm feelin' the rhythm As we start to rock When ya get down to it I belong to you Though I'm not afraid to let it show I'll tell the world I want everyone to know There's nobody who does me like you do All of my love is yours tonight I live to make you happy Nothin' has ever felt so right I want it all And nothin's gonna stop me cuz' [Chorus] When you touch me tender And you reach my soul When I start to weaken And I lose control When you get down to it I belong to you [Chorus]