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    歌名跑車與坦克 歌手名 張震嶽 Ayal Komod



    跑車與坦克 Fancy cars and tanks 詞曲 張震嶽 Lyricist / composer Chang Chen-Yue 女人手裡的花 Women holding flowers 男人肩上的槍 Men shouldering guns 女孩一臉瘦巴巴 Girls looking skinny 男孩一臉驚慌 Boys looking panic 坦克壓過原本是熱鬧的街 Tanks roaming thru originally a lively street 異國的士兵帶來糧食和水 Exotic soldiers bringing food and water 毫無未來的百姓已經厭倦 There seems no future for the citizens 已經厭倦 They are tired 不想再流淚 They do not want to weep anymore 女人整型做臉 Women face lifting 男人刷卡付錢 Men paying with credit cards 女孩不想上學 Girls do not want to go to school 男孩只想玩Game Boys just want to play games 跑車壓過原本是落沒的街 The fancy sports car driving thru originally a dead street 政客和商人帶來經濟起飛 Politicians and businessmen coercing to bring economic take-off 酒足飯飽的胖子已經厭倦 The obese are fed up 只想減肥 They just want to lose weight 兩種不同世界 Two different worlds 各自在另一邊 Each on the other side 總是不得平衡 There seems to be no balance 高低又歪斜 The world seems to be skewed 正義猶如謊言 Justice is just a lie 真理萬化千變 Truth is ever changing 我們所相信的 What we believe in 埋在瓦礫堆 Is buried in the rubble 轟隆隆的炮聲 Some hearing the rumbling of gunfire 舞池裡的鼓聲 Some dancing to the beat in Clubs 有人置身事外 Some stay out of conflict 有人沒有家 Some do not have a home 地球媽媽累了 Mother Earth is tired 發燒居高不下 Fever is burning high 你我卻為了利益 Why do we fight because of different interest ? 撕破臉 Conflicting interest