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    Misunderstood (Europe  / Oz) 專輯封面

    歌名Joey (Demo Version) 歌手名 Bon Jovi


    "Joey" Joey Keys was from my neighborhood Some would say that he was bad and Joe thought that was good Joey got the name "Keys" picking locks He never really robbed no one; it sure amused the cops Joey's parents owned a restaurant After closing time they'd give us almost anything we'd want I never cared that Joey Keys was slow Though he couldn't read or write too well but we'd talk all night long. Come on, come on, come on What you gonna do with your life? Come on, come on, come on Chasing sparks in the nights His old man said tomorrow is a ride that goes nowhere But I'll pull some strings, get blackbird wings And break us out of here [Chorus:] Hey Joey C'mon tell me 'bout your dreams Tell me all the sights you're gonna see Tell me who you're gonna be Hey Joey You're gonna kiss the girls goodnight Sometimes you got to stand and fight It'll be alright We're gonna find a better life See Joe was 3 years younger to the day Acting like a little brother but became my ball and chain I met this girl named Rhonda, she fell for me She said, "I might learn to like him but love ain't built for three." [Chorus] Hey Joey News gets around in this fading neighborhood The old man lost the restaurant He drinks more than he should It's time for Joey keys to do some good Pick the lock off our lives, let's get out of here like we always said we would [Chorus] We're gonna find a better life Find a better life Find a better life