Bitch Niggaz

Bitch Niggaz

Dr. Dre



Still D.R.E.

Still D.R.E.

2001 (Instrumental)



Some good-ass weed! Check it out dog, this game is a motherfuckin' trip man Word on the streets Everybody always tryin' to run up on me Hollerin' about word on the street is dis nigga said this Man I don’t give a fuck about what that nigga said man! That’s what’s wrong with you niggaz, you niggaz is just like bitches Hoe ass niggaz, talk too motherfuckin' much (Speak) Study your own, get your own, yahmsayin? Be independent nigga, beotch! Yeah Bitch niggaz (Bitch niggaz) Bitch niggaz (Bitch niggaz) Bitch ass niggaz (Beotch) Bitch niggaz (Bitch niggaz) Yeah I’m talkin' about you (Beotch) Bitch niggaz And you too (Beotch) Hmm dog I meet mo’ bitch niggaz than hoes, look here An' I really don’t know, but that’s just how it go (Damn) Dog, so many niggaz like to keep up shit And just like a bitch (Bitch) Niggaz be talkin' shit (Nigga) Smilin' in my face and then they blast me in the back (Ka-ka-ka-ka-ka) Niggaz stay strapped from way back, 'cause payback’ll Make niggaz wanna pop that shit If you ain’t ready for the game nigga stop that shit (Uh, uh) We rock that shit, my nigga Dre, drop that shit (Right) No mo’ talkin', I’m walkin' and I’m poppin' the clip Glock on the hip, set-trippin' dippin' an’ shit If you act like a bitch nigga you get smacked like a bitch (Nigga) Bitch niggaz Bitch niggaz (Bitch niggaz) These niggaz don’t know what the fuck is goin' on Yo dog, check it kick back Let me holla at these niggaz for a minute Straight off the streets of chaos and no pity The aggravated, makin' these punk motherfuckers hate it Compton is the city I’m from Can’t never leave the crib without a murder weapon Huh, I can’t live my life on broke no mo’ And most of these fools ain’t shit but cutthroats They smile in a nigga face and for what? They got the game fucked up, and want my thang fucked up I done learned a lot, seen a whole lot The top notch nigga, I’m feedin' for that spot Now peep game on what six-deuce told me These niggaz after yo’ paper, Dr. D.R.E (What? ) And these punk-ass hoes is lookin' for dough You gotta watch your homeboys, 'cause a nigga never know Oh, they’ll be around, but when yo’ paper get low Just like Master P said, ’There they go, there day go’ Bitch niggaz uh-huh {Attention all personnel Stop scheamin', and lookin hard’ audio two Stop scheamin', and, an', and an', an', and and lookin' hard} Bitch nigga, a bitch nigga Bitch nigga, hella bitch nigga Youse a bitch nigga, motherfucker bitch nigga A bitch nigga, a bitch nigga I know yo’ type, so much bitch in you, if it was slightly darker Lights was little dimmer my dick be stuck up in yo’ windpipe! Hmm, you’d rather blow me than fight, I’m from the old school Like Romey Rome Homey yo, you owe me the right To slap you, like the bitch that you are, that wanted to cap you Every since you was mad doggin' me with that bitch in yo’ car Fool who do you think you are? Mr. Big Stuff’ Man, you shit on hit, get yo’ shit bust, plus Pistol whipped, cover it up, use yo’ bitch’s blush Mr. powder puff yo’, bark ain’t loud enough, huh I know chihuahuas that’s mo’ rah, rah, ha ha I have to laugh Dre, I bet he take bubble baths You don’t want no trouble with the Aftermath staff, trust me Doggy dogg, diggy doctor plus me No youse a Busta slash hussy, soft as a hush puppy Must we break you down to estrogen most hated specimen’s A bitch nigga! {Attention all personnel Stop scheamin', and lookin' hard, audio two Stop, stop, stop scheamin', and lookin' hard Stop-stop, ah-op-op-stop sch-sch-scheamin' and lookin' hard Stop scheamin' an-an-and lookin' hard Stop scheamin' and lookin' hard Stop skee-scheamin' and lookin' hard Stop scheamin' an-an-and Stop scheamin' and lookin' hard}
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