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    The Remixes 專輯封面

    歌名Fantasy (feat. O.D.B.) 歌手名 Mariah Carey


    專輯:The Collection 歌曲:Fantasy 作詞:Spoken Word 作曲:Spoken Word When you walk by every night Talking sweet and looking fine I get kind of hectic inside Baby, I'm so into you Darling, if you only knew All the things that flow through my mind But it's just a Sweet, sweet fantasy baby When I close my eyes you come and take me On and on and on It's so deep in my daydream But it's just a sweet, sweet fantasy baby Images of rapture Creep into me slowly As you're going to my head And my heart beats faster When you take me over Time and time and time again But it's just a I'm in heaven with my boyfriend My lovely boyfriend There's no beginning and there is no end Feels like I'm dreaming but I'm not sleeping Sweet, sweet fantasy baby Sweet, sweet fantasy baby Fantasy


    專輯名 The Remixes
    歌手名 Mariah Carey
    發行日 2003-10-14