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    Lovesongs 專輯封面

    歌名Endless Love (Duet with Mariah Carey) 歌手名 Mariah Carey


    My love There's only you in my life The only thing that's right Oh yeah My first love (yeah) You're every breath that I take You're every step I make (Oh) And I (And I) I want to share All my love with you, hey yeah No one else will do And your eyes (your eyes, your eyes) They tell me how much you care Oh, yes You will always be My endless love Oh yeah Two hearts Two hearts that beat as one Our lives have just begun And forever (forever) I'll hold you close in my arms I can't resist your charms No no no no (no no no) And I (And I) I'd be a fool For you, I'm sure You know I don't mind (no, you know I don't mind) 'Cause baby you (baby, baby, baby, baby) You mean the world to me, yeah I know I've found in you My endless love Yeah (yeah) Do do, do dooo, do do do Whoa And I I'd play the fool For you, (for you baby) I'm sure That you know I don't mind (you know I don't mind) Oh, yes You'd be the only one 'Cause no-one can't deny This love I have inside And I'll give it all to you My love (my love, my love) My my my My endless love Mmm My love


    專輯名 Lovesongs
    歌手名 Mariah Carey
    發行日 2010-02-08