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    Sweatsuit 專輯封面

    歌名Getcha Getcha 歌手名 Nelly


    (feat. St. Lunatics) (****!) (HEY!) See the band played on (Getcha getcha getcha I better getcha) And they was singin my song (Getcha getcha getcha gonna getcha right?) Watch the band play on I got them folks on the left man they going like (****!) I got them folks on the right and they be screaming like (HEY!) I got them folks in the back man they be yelling like (****!) I got them folks down front waving they hands like (HEY!) What we gonna do about the middle man? (****!) They get it swinging juke jumping a little man (HEY!) I'm from the middle man watch dirty entertain (****!) Capacity ten thousand we packed the whole thing (HEY!) To get the spot leaning That's what we trying for We all we got that's why we rhyme so I feel we the best no sense in lying though Now all together watch the crowd go I'm just a dirty from the Lou I got a whole lot of (****!) Smoking on some **** from a barn they call (HEY!) I don't pay for no **** I try to stay away from (****!) If I do pay for something you know what I'm on I get a hundred-fifty thou' to make the crowd go (****!) I might fly by you in that Diablo (HEY!) I'm leaving St. Louis smashing that throttle (****!) In three hours flat I hit Chicago (HEY!) Black stacks and 'Lacs it's what I earned so far (****!) This copycatting thing is going too far (HEY!) Cheefing reefing no more burning the 'gar (****!) Sipping Pinot Bridgio while I'm churching at bars (HEY!) Derrty ENT screaming at our show (****!) I'm catching to freak something to die for (HEY!) I stick twenty twenty-four that's how high I go (****!) And smoke like a chimney puffing that hydro (HEY!) Now every time I'm up on that stage somebody screaming (****!) Every time that my back is turned somebody saying (HEY!) When I'm up in the club it's so easy to get a (****!) But I'd rather get a young lady that's cool with the... I'm sick of wannabe gangsters that be pretending they not a (****!) Talking behind your back but when they see you they like (HEY!) I don't pay no attention I'm only there to steal your (****!) And I ain't got to like your **** I'll still smoke your (HEY!) No music no weed what should we ride for? (****!) We roll with them Twista like we Chicago (HEY!) Shout out to OPEC rolls up the five four (****!) The streets of St. Louis call it survival (HEY!) Your game ain't tight no you ain't pimping kin (****!) You see the Cutlass Supreme I'm sitting in? (HEY!) Lime green chinchilla ooh that's a different skin (****!) Where I'm from we wear blue and gold like we Michigan (HEY!) I know you a lady but tonight can you be a (****!) Is that your man chasing you down behind you yelling (HEY!) He cussing like a **** calling her a (****!) She asking me what she should do I just look like... Watch the band play on


    專輯名 Sweatsuit
    歌手名 Nelly
    發行日 2005-01-01