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    Sweatsuit 專輯封面

    歌名River Don't Runnn 歌手名 Nelly


    (feat. Murphy Lee & Stephen Marley) Yeah! Yeahhhh yeah! Yeah right down right down Light on heh right down + (S. Marley) They say - walk down the river Cause the river don't run (Yeah!) Same thing make you laugh make you cryyyyyyyyyyyy (That's why what goes around comes around my son) They say - walk down the river Cause the river don't run (River don't run!) Same thing make you laugh make you cryyyyyyyyyyyy - c'mon! Plus I got the rocks them yellow diamonds and that oh-oh-ohh Bling! C'mon! Yeah yeah yeah And I got two twin Cutlass's interior gatored (hmm) I call 'em Now'N'Laters cause they candy flavored You see I drive one now and drive the other one later **** it's the new Fresh Prince and all I'm missin is Jada (hey) I got a hard drive all I'm missin is data Please give my number to your sister I been missin a dater I hate to hate a hater in fact I hate to hate Hatin is hatin you should never hate congratulate Look hurr my attitude is sensed that you may never know my mind I know just what I'm thinkin if I don't want you inside Yeah inside my men-tal I know you meant well I'm +Out Of Time+ and out of +Training Days+ like Denzel Never the gangsta type more like a hustler - mayne I **** them ones up out them +Playboy+ books and +Hustler+ - mayne +Honeys+ and +Black Tails+ (uhh) the +King+ magazines (yeah) The +Maxim+ or the "Eye Candy" +Jet Beauty Queens+ Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I'ma spit it 'til I really can't spit it no mo' (yeah) Nothin changed cell phone still 3-1-4 Nah the derrty ain't moved to near East/West coast I'm a "Midwest Swanger" cause they love me the most (hey) Some like me humble others like me to boast Please my whole life is alphabets and numbers I take a G-4 Land to that H-2 Hummer Leave at 7:45 in L.A. for the summer I got the World Wide sale to check the E-mail Plus 401-K plan in A-T-L Got eight females I see 'em all from 8 to 12 The only playa who can ball without his A.C.L. (c'mon!) Who may not be original but still a don-dada (yeah!) I'm gon' take this beat and flip it I'm gon' make it hotter (yeah!) You go 'head and take your plane and I'm gon' take the chopper I'm tired of niggaz frontin like they top gun shottas (hey) Not come runnin ovah! Jah-Jah shine his light (JAH!) Blessed is the day! Sacred is the night (yeah) Wrong wishers beware (watch it) now that I am here Hey lordy lordy lordy lordy Lord Lordy lordy lordy lordy Lord Shoot they thought a derrty wouldn't make it this far (far) Now I'm supportin my family they likin who I are (are) Schoolboy a hard worker they consider him a star I guess that's why they look at us as if we from Mars Singin-a-ling! I deal with bars like a weight trainer (trainer) Hustlin got me bigger like weight gainer (gainer) Always remain a St. Louis entertainer My women love me later how could a hater blame her? Shoot I'm just that dude that kick bars for a livin Get rich and trick collect cars for a livin Houses on hills with Great Lakes in the back Bowlin alleys in basements beds bigger than Shaq's Damn look at the leather in that old school 'Llac They be doo-doo green I wonder who would do that The original rude dude considered too cool Probably know me from touchin yo' booty at school Bling!


    專輯名 Sweatsuit
    歌手名 Nelly
    發行日 2005-01-01