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    Gorillaz 專輯封面

    歌名Punk 歌手名 Gorillaz



    專輯:同名專輯 (Gorillaz) (Clean) 歌曲:Punk Ooooow! Oooohahh! Try to see myself what goes on. Make it up myself I'll never. Always told my thoughts aloud Then another day I shut up. Back to the sand Doing what you can. Bound to be gone Damned a loser. Found out right then they were fed up Cause everybody said to shut up. Yeah! Thought you might care what goes on. Try to say "what up?"; i'm fed up. Everybody said to shut up The last time I told them "what up?" Down with the sun I knew that I was done. Did it to my self Did it to my self and then. All this time I said I've been fed up Cause everybody tells me "shut up".


    專輯名 Gorillaz
    歌手名 Gorillaz
    發行日 2006-09-05