Y'All Gone Miss Me (Edited)

Y'All Gone Miss Me (Edited)

Snoop Dogg

Tha Last Meal




I Wanna Fuck You

I Wanna Fuck You

Tha Blue Carpet Treatment



[fades in] .. {y'all gone miss me} Yeah y'all gone miss me [harmonizing] Never miss what you had 'til it's gone Yeah, y'all gone miss me (y'all gone miss me) Yeah, y'all gone miss me [Snoop Dogg] Hmm, who that nigga that brought you that gangsta shit befo' you motherfuckers was even ready for it? Showed you how to tie a flag on your head and represent your motherfuckin set 'til you're dead Bust on the cops while I cuss the Feds Roll a joint, in the bathtub gettin head Put the G in the P, flipped the G to a ki Put the West coast back on the map bay-bee Check my styles, check my files I've been gangbangin since I was a juvenile They cut me loose in nine-deuce I swore to tell the whole truth Keep it gangbang 100 proof E'rybody say, "Ay Snoop" - did Death Row pay me? Look here young loc, shit it's all to the gravy I really can't trip off the past, on the real I had a blast Tupac, rest in peace and God bless all my enemies [Chorus: KoKane] Rain-drops, falling on my head Fuckin with them haters, messin with my bread Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head Fuckin with them haters, sleepin in my bed [Snoop Dogg] Ain't No Limit to this shit, ain't no gimmick Master P good lookin out homeboy, salute my Lieutenant (at ease) I'm in it knee deep and can't creep no more I had to move down South on the low-low, fo' sho' doe Dippin through the woods with Fiend, Magic, Pokey Mystikal, V-90, C, Boz and P (ya heard me?) Windows on tint, ridin like the President It's evident, shit I'm doin good (yeah) I moved out the hood like I should (say what?) And then they had the nerve to call me Hollywood (nigga what?) But I don't give a fuck, if I'm misunderstood 20 Crip don't slip, yeah it's all to the good Yeah the homies got twist too, whatchu say? Oh the homies might get me? They'll get you Listen here, don't try it, and don't deny it And don't pay 'em no mind Dogg, man I'm tryin [Chorus w/ variations] [Snoop Dogg] Just when you thought I was gone, I'm back on Knick-knack-paddy-wack give the Dogg a home with a gang of pitbulls, rottweilers and doberman pinschers Bonafied killers The illest, cap peelers, that you ever wanna meet Straight up out the ghetto where they pack the heavy metal I got my hand on the wheel, my foot on the gas pedal I'm drivin DoggHouse to the next level (woof) and buckin two shots at the devil Run up on his ass, and blast, like a rebel Turn up the treble cause I hit you with the bass Remember my name and remember my face Remember these words, and remember the taste And remember, we all gotta leave this place I'm tryin to stay focused, I'm the loc'est in the game The Rap Prime Minister, "Mr. G Thang" [Chorus Two: KoKane] Rain-drops, fallin on my head Fuckin with the wrong folks, messin with my spread Talkin bout the raindrops, fallin on my head Messin with my ba-by, who's sleepin in my bed [harmonizing to fade with interjections of "y'all gone miss me"]
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