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    Bon Jovi: Special Edition 專輯封面

    歌名She Don't Know Me 歌手名 Bon Jovi



    What more can I do, there's nothing I haven't tried Still it's so hard for her to notice I've tried hard to be straight There's nothing left I can say If only she would look my way Chorus: She don't know me, she don't know She don't see me, she don't care She can't hear me,can't hear Can not help me, she don't want She don't want me like I want her Like I wan't her got to tell her Got to tell her that I love her That I love her She don't even know my name I dream of when she'll be mine I dream of crossing that line And holding her so tender Dreaming it could come true So many things I could do If only you'd give me a chance Chorus


    專輯名 Bon Jovi: Special Edition
    歌手名 Bon Jovi
    發行日 2010-05-24