I'll Be Good For You

I'll Be Good For You

N Sync



Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Bye

No Strings Attached



Here's some things about me you might want to know I'm gonna tell you even if you don't I come from the country, I still been to town An' I like dogs but just not in the house But I might skip church one Sunday To catch the football game But I'll give twice as much next week When they pass the offerin' plate [Chorus:] I'm just ordinary on most days Extraordinary on my best I got a good job, but the way I spend money I never have any left Hey, I drink too much coffee An' I'm always runnin' late I was born a sinner But my Momma thinks I'm a saint I've had my share of heartaches, bounced a couple chairs I had a wife, but now I've got an ex No, I won't never be the President, hell,l I barely finished school But I know Justin sings lead for N'Sync, so my kids think I'm cool [Chorus] I know there are some who live life differently But there's a lot more people who are just like me [Chorus] Yeah, I was born a sinner But my Momma thinks I'm a saint
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