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    歌名Go Easy On Me 歌手名 John Mayer


    John Mayer - Go Easy On Me Go easy on me for the night has been long. I’m not quite as strong as you see me. I came here alone and I’ll leave on my own, The next stop is home so go easy on me. Oh, I don’t need your truth Or a good talking-to from your mountain. No, I don’t know your name and I won’t take the blame Don’t know what you need, so go easy on me. Go easy on me, for I mean you no harm. It’s possible charm is in order But you make it so hard when you throw up your guard I’m not here to spar so go easy on me. Oh, the clanging of swords And the war of the words doesn’t move me. See, my heart barely works and it’s covered in dirt, It still kind of hurts, so go easy on me. Oh, I see in your eyes You don’t realize what you’re doing. So, here’s some advice, never hurts to be nice. If you’re not gonna be, then go easy on me. Go easy on me, go easy on me Thanks to Clayton Crowder for adding these lyrics. Thanks to AD, Kyle, Courtney for correcting these lyrics.