Blue Sky

Blue Sky

The Dreamer, The Believer



Hook: Oh, oh, oh Walk up in the thing, got my campaign popping Champagne popping, bad thing popping. Headed to the door and ain't a damn thing knocking, no! Walk up in the thing and everybody with me mobbing Campaign popping, champagne popping. I wrote this on my born day, it was a warm day Niggas gotta eat, we gonna do it gourmet. I'm hearing fucking voices, like when porn play Stay, stay on your grind like foreplay. What more can I say? Diamonds off for the day That means to shine, you find a way Stayed on porches, backyards, and gangways Learned strange ways between Cole and Langley Champagne ambitions, I pour it out for my man who made his transition Wars about paper, pussy, pride and ego Born to fly, call me the bald eagle. Open shows at the Regal for Daddy Kane and Eazy-E, though Boys in the hood is hard like kilos of heroin. The hero that came from zero My bars and my PR like Puerto Rico This bra from the DR said I was frío That's Ice Cold like Drake, triple three yo Pinot noir style, better with time I'm gambling with watches getting better with time. So I'mma ride this out for long as God allow me They say 'time is money,' forever is my salary I shine tomorrow with what I do today Yo, get this money, put the diamonds on display! Hook : Oh, oh, oh Walk up in the thing and got my campaign popping Champagne popping, bad thing popping Headed to the door, and ain't a damn thing knocking (no) Walk up in the thing and everybody with me mobbing Campaign popping, champagne popping Hit you with the street sweeper now you gotta get to mopping , no! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Tryna get it every way, every day Tryna get it every way, every day Tryna get it every way, every day Bars in alignment, stars in alignment Raw off consignment, God's in the diamonds Evolve from the science, power and refinement Read between the lines, hard to define us. Niggas that's behind us throwing up signs to signify us In the Benz leaning like we biased. I've seen Len Bias, that shit scared me You can go pro and blow everything you have in a flash The moment is to live it like your last Moments that we have never living in the last My time, man, precious like diamonds Look through the glass, see what I magnify, man! I'mma be shining till I die man I'm a rare diamond that's hard to find, man! Climbing to the mountain top, MLK day To the streets I speak my piece like an A.K 47 to 87 to the hundreds Jewels I could run it for the hunted and the blunted Dreams reflect clarity, ain't no disparity Between peace and prosperity, so marry me, Diamond! Reminiscing when I had everything on layaway I'm rolling with me and my partner like it was training day Way before the baling that was back off in the training days I used to hit the barber chair and say 'I need that fade away' Had a crush on what's her name? The feelings never fade away! Older brother gang bang, banging like an 808 Said you can't take his chain away Real player you can't take this game away Slang away, walk up in this thing like a real Rockefeller, feller! But you can't take my dame away, Devil in a red dress, but she got that angel face I could teach her how to get it day to day to day to day The G code is my combination Catch me off in the bank thumbing through all kinds of faces Catch me off in court, beating all kinds of cases Weed, money, pussy, liquor, that's my favorite compilation Diamonds! Diamonds!
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