Hands Up

Hands Up




[Intro:] A few words to define my music? I'd say it's pretty laid back [Hook:] Let me see those hands up! [x4] Hands up! [Verse 1:] Yeah I'm like Ali when I write hooks, get it? Right hooks These songs are like the chapters of my life and this is my book Yo you seein' me on these stages, go into a song I'm turnin' these pages Turn the pages, welcome to chapter 1 of my life: "Crazy!" Yeah, let's call it that if ya'll don't mind, I got a dope mind With these Pope lines, I don't smoke I'm in a cold clim-ate So ya'll better hold on They telling me that I'm loco, um, tell me something I don't know Ain't that a clear picture, no photo, yeah clear pictures, no photo And yo this ain't about the photos or the fame life I kill my flesh and live for God all in the same life So call me what you wanna, but I'm a do what I gotta, yup And anybody got a problem, shh, NF real music [Hook] [Verse 2:] Yo I started from the bottom no Drake though, yeah I came in the game like, "Hello!" I came in the game like, "Let's go!" This beat might break your neck your bones But that's okay, okay, you ain't heard of me, then you so late So just take a seat of that cold plate, and just let- let- let-let me explain Yo, "NF" be that logo, "Capitol" be that label If I see beats on my table, I swear, I'm a eat the whole plateful And that's my life, I write what I mean so I might, go a little bit cray when I find mics I ain't doing it so I am in the limelight, cause that limelight, it ain't life Am I in this for the money? Hey quit crackin' jokes Cause we all know this industry is known for cuttin' throats And if this was all for money I'd have quit years ago But it's not, so turn me up until my ears explode, let's go [Hook] [Bridge:] Let me see those hands up [x4] Hands up Oh Let me see those hands up (Where you at? Where you at?) Let me see those hands up (Where you at? Where you at?) Let me see those hands up (Where you at? Where you at?) Let me see those hands up (Where you at? Where you at?) Hands up (W- w- w- w- where you at?) [Hook x2]



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