Till The End

Till The End


Under Pressure









It's the type of shit they read about Like chris said, I gotta bleed it out I've been in the zone, I can't be without This real shit that I be about I'm a visionary, that's long term But def jam, said they need it out If I rush this shit, I might be without But I need a vision, can't see without I've been patient, never complacent Left the underground when I left the basement That's renovation, I spit this verse like a revelation On the road with kid cudi and big Conversations with no i.d Who made hits with ye, got hits with jay Now he wanna fuck around and make hits with me If it's meant to be, then it's meant to be Can't express what that meant for me, what it mean to me Man, I swear the shit like a dream to me, what it seemed to be It's so different now, everything is so different now I've been there and I've done that Tell 'em all that I run that, that's a fun fact And I'm back again cause I love this shit Write it down and they publish it I went 5 years without a publicist, cause the word of mouth, they in love with this I've been dreaming, I've been scheming Went away a while but I've been fiending I've missed the fam, but they know the deal Been that way before the deal Now the music got mass appeal My main girl got ass appeal Like I feel the vibe, that's the main thing Little fish, that went mainstream Now I'm big as fuck My whole city, they know what's up I'm unseen and I'm in the cut about extra shit I don't give a fuck When I'm on the phone, don't interrupt When I'm talking business, I might erupt If you're at the show, put your lighter up Fuck with me if you're really bout it Outsiders, I could do without it I crept in, got slept on Sold out shows, no one knew about it When it comes to fucks, I give two about it Your cosign, I could do without it Laaa daaaa Laaa daaaa la da da da daa da da da da da daaa Okay, last verse I gotta make it count Won't speak on my bank account So many commas I'd have to pause and I can't afford to just waste the bars Every day boy I thank the lord, I got a lot of problems but could have more Wish I spoke to my dad more, my jeweler less I been hungry like budapest Tell me who the best, don't give a fuck I just know I'm blessed Love life even though I'm stressed This business boy, I swear a test Tell def jam if they don't cut the check, I'll send chris to go cut their neck I love the building, no disrespect But yall better ride when I'm in effect That's radio, that's tv, but visionary got the internet If yall fuck around or try to throw the ball to another artist, imma intercept It's my time, put half a mill of my own money in this album That's my dime No rap features, just my rhymes My story, it's all mine From the basement to the stadium From the roxy to palladium I've been there and I've done that, yes I run that With this pretty girl on my floor, half naked playing connect four But I've been trying to throw sex out the window just to connect more She so fine, type of girl I wanna fuck her mind and then unwind with some slow head All my homies like go ahead Anyway, it's been a long time And this here has been a long rhyme So I gotta go, it's logic The one nobody would vouch for, how's that shit for an outro Nah nah nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah nah nah This is my story, til the end Nah nah nah nah nah nah Nah nah nah nah nah nah This is my story, til the end Yeah yeah Every day that they live and breathe is extended to them They may be misinformed about the truth They may be misguided Somebody has led them on the wrong path A path of corruption and destruction But yet god's mercy every day that they live Is extended to them and they have another opportunity to be saved Yeah yeah
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