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    Rodeo (Deluxe) 專輯封面

    歌名90210 歌手名 Travis Scott


    作詞:DJ Dahi, Chantel Jeffries, Kacy Hill, Gizzle & Travis Scott 作曲:DJ Dahi, Chantel Jeffries, Kacy Hill, Gizzle & Travis Scott Mama's bailing down that road, craving 9021... She a porn star girl, oh, from the valley (Honestly, God Bless) Who left her hometown world all for the alley Oh, created Lake Tahoe all from her panties (I hope it was wet like my jumper, though) Ooh, used to take the long way home, long way home, all for that candy Baby's hooked on feeling numb Jacques to La Flame, now you rolling on an Addy 50 on her chain, 'nother 50 on her caddy, oh He might pop him a pill, pop him a seal, pop anyone Pop anything, pop anything to find that alley Hmm, yeah, then find an alley Baby's hooked on feeling numb In the 90210, 90210, looking for that alley In the 90210, 90210, looking for that alley, ooh It's the superstar girl, superstar girl, roaming in that alley In the 90210, 90210, somewhere in that alley My granny called, she said "Travie, you work too hard I'm worried you'll forget about me" I'm falling in and out of cuffs, don't worry, I'mma get it, granny What happened? Now my daddy happy, mama called me up That money coming and she love me, I done made it now I done found life's meaning now All them days her heart'd break, her heart not in pieces now Friends turning into fraud niggas Practicing, have the passion, you niggas packaged different All you niggas, you niggas want the swag, you can't have it I'mma sell it, you niggas salad, we 'bout the cabbage Youngest nigga outta Houston at the Grammys Smiling at 'em laughing at me I passed the rock to Ye, he pump faked and passed it back, bitch All of this off of rapping, should've wrote this in Latin Yeah, mmm, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know, I know Cuzzo said we in the store, yeah, we 'bout to drop a 4 He pass the cigarette, I choke Tell my auntie put them poles down, them poles down Now you know you love your own now Hit the stage, they got their hands up, don't put your nose down I ain't knockin' nigga, I knocked the door down, for sure now Whole crew, I swear they counting on me Gold chains, gold rings, I got an island on me Houses on me, he got them ounces on him Holy father, come save these niggas, I'm styling on 'em Good lord, I see my good fortune in all these horses I'm driving too fast to stop, so all these signs, I ignore them Distant sky from north of the border, my chips is in order My mom's biggest supporter so now niggas support a nigga


    專輯名 Rodeo (Deluxe)
    歌手名 Travis Scott
    發行日 2015-09-04