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    The Plan (From the Motion Picture "TENET") 專輯封面

    歌名The Plan (From the Motion Picture "TENET") 歌手名 Travis Scott

    作詞 Jacques Webster/ルートヴィッヒヨーランソン/Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde
    作曲 Jacques Webster/ルートヴィッヒヨーランソン/Ebony Naomi Oshunrinde


    You don't know where we stand It's true Know the plan Last time I wrecked it, last time I whipped around Last time I did the whippets (Yeah), last time I live reverse (Yeah, yeah, ooh) Pour the brown, hit the reverend (Yeah), last time I hit your crib (Yeah) Last time there was no tenants (Ooh, ooh) I done went back in myself, felt like Hell Fuck, I risked it, patience sеll (Yeah) Found you livin', know you thrillin', not for sinnin' (Yeah) How I got my stripes and pеndants, backin' out in the street (Yeah) What is wild, let it be, ragers out, gotta eat (Yeah) Not a vibe (Yeah) but a wave, with the sound by the way Count it down, by the days (Ooh) To myself, know they wicked, with the moves (Ooh, ooh) I'm drinkin', off the juice, know I'm drinkin' I be smooth, then I lose it, yeah, yeah now You don't know where we stand (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) It's true (Yeah, yeah) Know the plan Close the opera Hear the red and blue outside, I think our option's up I recrossed it 'round the map, I had to line it up I be swervin' on the waves, it's like a line of us (Yeah, yeah) Move in 'verse on my turf, I'm outta line, I put in work I draw the line and cross it first I need the time, I need to search It's just like wine, it make it worse Skrrt, skrrt in the 'Vert, skrrt, skrrt Ride on land, Boeing jet, make it land In slow motion when I dance In your eyes I see your trance I run away and then you prance (Yeah) If I show the hideaway would you hide out and let it blam (Yeah, yeah) Ain't no time, I'm facin' scams, nah, nah (Yeah) You don't know where we stand (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) It's true (Yeah, yeah, ooh-ooh, ooh) Ooh